Come Closer
E -  X79997
D X57775
A X02220
C#m x46654
B X24442
A*- X02224
E  /  D A / x2

    E   D  A    
so i slave a- way.
      E     D A
on the floor and walls for a day.
buy you the beer can you pay.
    E   D    A
get emotional each time they say your name.
A   B
oh soldier you look so strong.
    A   B
who held you that you fought so long.
    A     B
who told you that you left me amazed.
  A    B
there's something left i gotta say.
how long can you stay?
i been waitin all day...
i been meltin away...
 C#m   B
just to send off with you.
A     A*  B
come closer.  
A     A*  B
come closer.
so today. i wont call anyone for change.
"toes 'cross the floor," hear it play.
good at holdin back at eatin away your legs.
come closer.
oooh boo laa tooo. x3. come closer