Xmas Curtain
E= 079997 (except in the intro where it is the usual 022100)

A = 577655

B = 799877



E / G A (open chords) X 4
A /  /  /   B  /  /  / X 2
E                   G#m
Hey the xmas curtain falls on lawbreakers
        F#m                A
who  pave the way for thoughtless folks like  
 B                 E
me and J who play.  
We can't afford the finer things in life,
So we heist them all
     A                       B                       E
The criminals who never break the law
E / G#m / F#m / A B  
E                      G#m  
 So, to all you frowns go down to town square and
 F#m                                 A                      B                         E
get some action, from the xmas girl that  lives inside your  womb.
E                      G#m
 She's always there I think that im certain,
     F#m                                         A          B
you pay to get behind her xmas curtain.
A                                        B                           E
     you're the criminal that never breaks the  law!