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Use the hyperlinked tabs on the left of the page to navigate to the tabs available on this website. You can also use the Index of Songs to navigate the site. Some of the rare and unreleased songs are only listed in here.

I've always enjoyed playing all these wonderful songs by Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and thought I'd share the love and the tabs. Thanks to Jim for hooking me up with a link on the official website making it the official unofficial My Morning Jacket archive.
This is THE place on the web for My Morning Jacket guitar chords and tabs!

If you have comments, suggestions, submissions, corrections, etc. etc. please stop by the guestbook on the way out.

Site Updates - Evil Urges Update!

Evil Urges update!!! Okay, so heres the deal. Im in the process of developing a new website with a new web designer and possibly on a new domain name. Until then, Im just going to post what I have of Evil Urges right here. Updating this whole old website is too much of a headache to update. Until the new site hits you can find all new updates here. If you are working on others that I dont have please send them to me and Ill post them. Heres what Ive got so far:
01 Evil Urges
02 Touch me Im Going to Scream, pt. 1
03 Highly Suspicious (update)
04 Im Amazed
05 Thank You Too
06 Sec Walkin (update)
08 Librarian
10 Aluminum Park (update)

Thanks to all contributors.

Where to Begin. I saw requests for Where to Begin in the guestbook. Unfortunately updating the other pages of this site has become nearly impossible for me. I'm still working on the new site, but until then I thought I'd throw what I had for Where to Begin up here. It's in an alternate tuning and was a bear to figure out, here you go: Where to Begin

Notes and Some Info about the Tabs

This is the MMJ Tabs Site Archive, maintained by Richard "FiddleCastro" Moses. This site was the creation of Dylan Greenwood while music is the property of Jim James and My Morning Jacket. Thanks to all of those folks who helped contribute to this collection. I've tried to give the tabs a uniform format that is easy to learn and read while playing. Thanks to everyone who may have contributed to the website. Some contributors have been credited and others are unknown. Some of the tabs were done by me, some were done by others, some I pieced together or corrected, but what really matters is they are all together now, here. So go get em!

As of right now this site houses most of the MMJ catalouge in one form or another. Nearly all the tabs are guitar tabs. I get many requests for bass tabs, but no submissions. Since I don't play the bass this leaves you bass players to your own devices. If you happen to figure out some songs on your own, share and they will be posted. Corrections and submissions are always welcome.

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